Funtastic Stuff B2B & B2C Website and SAP Integration
Website Development and Design

Our studio embarked on a transformative journey with Funtastic International, beginning in 2017, to develop a state-of-the-art B2C Ecommerce Platform, followed by a B2B Ecommerce Platform initiated in 2020. The B2C project was meticulously designed to enhance the online shopping experience, incorporating user experience and interface design, mobile responsiveness, and end-of-day reporting features. We integrated the platform with SAP for seamless order management and active notifications, alongside logistics and payment gateway functionalities. This comprehensive approach ensured a robust ecommerce solution tailored to Funtastic International's needs, facilitating an engaging and efficient online retail environment.The evolution of our partnership with Funtastic International progressed with the launch of the B2B Ecommerce Platform, focusing on facilitating business-to-business transactions with enhanced efficiency and customization. This platform was engineered to automatically create and synchronize customer accounts with SAP, offering custom discounts and handling bulk orders effectively. We also implemented comprehensive search functionality and filtering, ensuring a user-friendly interface and design that is both aesthetically pleasing and mobile responsive. The integration of these advanced features has enabled Funtastic International to streamline their B2B operations, demonstrating our studio's commitment to delivering innovative and practical ecommerce solutions.

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