Mary Grace Cafe's eCommerce Website
Website Development and Design

At Mary Grace Cafe, our collaboration with this cherished homegrown bakeshop and cafe led to the creation of a warm and seamless online space, mirroring the essence of familial support that fuels their success. Our comprehensive eCommerce solution, coupled with custom SKU management, ensures a tailored solution to handle their diverse offerings. With a focus on design, user experience, and mobile responsiveness, the website not only reflects the heartwarming ambiance of the physical space but also facilitates easy navigation. Embracing the uniqueness of Mary Grace Cafe, our solution features custom celebration cake ordering, daily inventory management, and intricate delivery date exclusion. The inclusion of pick-up area management and custom reports further enhances their operational efficiency, allowing them to effortlessly extend their delightful offerings online. Multiple delivery options cater to a varied clientele, fostering a sense of convenience. Our collaboration is a testament to the power of combining technology with the personal touch that defines Mary Grace Cafe's charm.

Mary Grace Cafe